A team that benefits together stays together

A team that benefits together stays together

A one-stop solution for financial needs

Building an awesome team? Help them get the financial security they deserve!

3 lakh health insurance cover
  • Including pre-existing diseases.
  • Cashless cover in 5000+ hospitals across India
  • Insured by Aditya Birla Health Insurance
A digital smart savings account
  • 4-6% annual return
  • Investments held in a liquid mutual fund provided by ICICI Prudential
Flexible digi-gold investment plan
  • Buy gold in affordable instalments.
  • Get 999 purity 24k gold coins delivered to your door stop provided by Augmont
An app to keep track of your savings
  • Monitoring your savings is a click away.
  • Get realtime updates on the progress on your goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

The GIGI startup product is for any startup that employs fewer than 20 employees and are currently not offering benefits (PF, Health Insurance/ESI) to their employees. We enable you to set up benefits for your team in just a few clicks.
Benefits at GIGI are carefully curated so that every employer can choose to provide their employees with the best savings option in the market. The Benefits available on GIGI can be divided into 3 categories:
  1. Goal based savings in mutual funds
  2. Digi gold
  3. Health Insurance
Once you fill in the details, we will set up your team with a GIGI Benefits Account. Your employees can access their benefits by downloading the GIGI Benefits App from Playstore. If you have opted for health insurance, you and your team can view your policies on the GIGI Benefits App. Here, you can also choose to start your smart savings liquid fund account and your digi gold account.
Yes, the GIGI startup product is available only to full time employees. Please contact us at hello@gigibenefits.com for solutions for your gig workers and contractual employees.
If you want to pause or modify your subscription, please email us at hello@gigibenefits.com and we shall help you do so.
We leave this up to you.
Write to hello@gigibenefits.com. We can either refund the amount for the rest of the year or adjust it against the employee who will replace the one who leaves.
Check out our comprehensive FAQ sheet here. Feel free to email us at hello@gigibenefits.com.

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